Terada Honke - Katori 90 Namagen

Terada Honke - Katori 90 Namagen

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720 ml bottle

Made by Terada Honke in the Chiba Prefecture, Japan. 

type: Kimoto junmai muroka namagenshu 

rice variety: organic koshi-hikari, Yukigesho 

made from table rice that is 10% polished. A great example of what sake tasted like a century ago. 

Established in 1670, Terada Honke made a decision roughly 30 years ago to part ways with the industrial brewing methods of postwar Japan and take sake back to its roots. 
The brewery propagates their own koji. Something that is not commonly done. 

the sake is aromatic, bright and low toned at the same time. It shows a bit of melon quality.