BREAKFAST MEZZE 2 pork sausages, 2 soft boiled eggs, mustard, house seasonal pickles, sourdough ... $12

AVOCADO TOAST avocado, fresh herbs, lemon/olive oil & pepitas on seeded wheat toast (add soft egg $2) ...$10

LOX TOAST smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & fresh herbs on sourdough (add soft egg $2) ... $10

WEEKLY SALAD seasonal vegetables and greens with mustard dressing and sesame seeds ...$12




STICKY BUNS ... $3.75

LA FERMIERE YOGURT POT vanilla bean, lemon + side of house granola ... $6

CHIA PUDDING chia seeds rehydrated with coconut milk & honey served with seasonal fruit, coconut flakes, seeds & nuts ... $8


SUNRISE fried egg, cheddar, pickled onion & greens on seeded sourdough roll (add avocado $2, add sausage $3) 

HAM & CHEESE ham, mustard, comte cheese & butter on sourdough 

SEASONAL GREEN EGGS greens, soft boiled egg, avocado, cucumber & celery salsa verde on sourdough 

LITTLE GEM little gem lettuces, red scallion, radishes, mayonnaise, anchovy, lemon juice, olive oil & sea salt on sourdough 


SMALL POTATOES boiled fingerling potatoes with mustard dressing, spring onion, and fresh herbs 

RICE NOODLES vermicelli in chili ginger peanut sauce w/ squash, radish, green onion & sesame seed

BEET HUMMUS housemade hummus made with beets & spiced with cumin

SUNFLOWER SUMAC TAHINI housemade sunflower sumac & shallot dressing (great for dips & dressings)

ARUGULA CASHEW PESTO housemade arugula cashew pesto made with pecorino, garlic, lemon & sherry vinegar