Croci Campdello Frizzabte Bianco

Croci Campdello Frizzabte Bianco

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60% Malvasia do Candia Aromatica 20% Trebbiano 15% Ortugo 3% Sauvignon 2% Marsanne.

from Emilia-Romagna, Campedello is the name of the hillside that the grapes grew on. Grown on sandy, limestone soils rich in fossilized seashells. 

organicaly farmed.

fruit is destemmed and left to ferment spontaneously in vats with roughly 2 weeks of skin maceration. The wine rests in concrete vats through the winter undergoing partial malolactic fermentation. 

A rustic skincontact wine made in the col fondo style. 

aromatic, with soft bubbles. Expressions of musty yellow fruit. A good brunch wine.